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Poor mental and physical health in pregnancy linked to infant sleep problems

20% of mothers report severe and persistent infant sleep problems across the first year. Poor mental and physical health during pregnancy is associated with severe and persistent infant sleep problems. Identifying and supporting pregnant women who have poor mental and physical health is crucial. Parents may benefit from more intensive sleep support once the infant is born.

Bed time Stories scientifically proven sleep strategies

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has today launched a range of six Sleep with Kip children’s storybooks designed to teach children to go to sleep, stay asleep all night and wake at a reasonable hour. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from parents all over the world.

Understanding Sleep 2-12 Months

Babies need sleep to grow and develop well. But babies’ sleep needs vary, just as the sleep needs of older children and adults do. Your baby might be doing well with more or less sleep than other babies the same age

Evidence Based Strategies to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep

Sleep problems are common in babies and include difficulties settling a baby to sleep and frequent waking during the night. The good news is that for many babies, you can help improve their sleep

Tired Signs in Babies & Children

Babies and children need sleep to grow and develop well. Good sleep is also important for their health and immunity.

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