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Location: Melbourne, Mooney Ponds.

Hi I’m Amanda, an Early Childhood & Parent Support Professional based in Moonee Ponds. I am a mum to 5, with over 20 years experience working in various settings, including Early Parenting Centres & Sleep Clinics, First Time Parent Groups, Playgroups, Kinder, Childcare Management & TAFE teaching/assessing​​

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Baby Sleep Consultant

Location: Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.

We are a team of trained and certified sleep consultants across the country who are here to help you get the sleep you and your baby need.

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Baby sleepeeze

Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

| Children are our most precious gift but when they find sleep difficult, your life becomes stressful and your family feels the strain. Baby Sleepeze is a Melbourne based Mobile Sleep School that offers you the perfect solution. This is provided all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Staffed by experienced, caring, professionals, our holistic approach considers your babies routines to devise a plan that is tailored to meet your specific family needs. We offer support for babies 0 - 4 years of age and assist you with sleep settling techniques which can be used day or night.

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Calm Babies

Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

| Calm Babies is a baby sleep consultancy that offers services Australia wide. In Melbourne we are able to offer an in home service on sleeping issues or breastfeeding problems. Our phone consultations can be offered anywhere in Australia. If you live in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, Calm Babies can offer a program run in your own home. We come to you and provide one on one assistance, education and advice.

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Gippsland Sleep Angel

Location: Yinnar, Victoria

Professional advice and coaching on getting babies and toddlers to better sleep. All over Gippsland. I am here to provide you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or toddler with their sleep needs in the comfort and safety of your home - Nicole Bugeja.

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Happy Sleepers

Location: Point Cook, Melbourne. Victoria.

| Happy Sleepers is a baby sleep consultancy service and is able to help families in Australia & worldwide. As a Professional Sleep consultant it is my goal to help you with your baby/toddler’s sleep issues in the comfort of your home. I’m certain I’ll be able to help you and therefore I am happy to offer you an initial FREE 15 min consultation where we can talk about your baby/toddler’s sleep and how I can help you.

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Hushabye baby

Location: Bannockburn, Victoria. Australia

seeing how lives can be changed when babies, toddlers, Mums and Dads, start getting the sleep they need. Coupled with my personal experience, I have undergone a comprehensive certified training program and mentorship with Dana Obleman, which is ongoing.

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Jolly Babies

Location: Macleod, Victoria.

As a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant™, I’ve undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program that has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you get your little one sleeping through the night!

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Mandy Hose she knows

Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

| Welcome to Mandy Hose…She Knows. Mandy Hose knows all about children under five - from born-too-early prems, to ‘independent’ kinder kids. She offers sleep, settling and behaviour consultations for newborns to pre schoolers. She is also an engaging public speaker on being a mother of premature/multiple birth/special needs children.

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Masada Private

Location: East St Kilda, Victoria.

The Masada Mother Baby Unit is a long-standing centre of excellence which offers a state of the art service for families getting to know their babies up to 24 months of age.

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Moonlight baby sleep

Location: Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.

| To provide you with insights into how we work with you and your family, we offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation which can be booked online at a time that suits you.

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Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy

Location: Melbourne, Victoria. Interstate & international Skype.

At Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy we strive to empower parents to develop long lasting skills they need to settle their child to sleep. We offer a variety of services for both local and international clients which include: pre-baby arrival support, hospital and nursery preparation, personalised gentle sleep training programs, face to face coaching, workshop group training and information sessions at mother’s groups.

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Nigh nigh

Location: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Deb Herdman, is a registered nurse of over twenty-five years, is committed to helping families gently nurture their baby, toddler and even older children into forming better sleep habits. As a sleep consultant she is certified in SAFE Sleep Space practices, and has a WWC cert.

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Location: Noble Park, Victoria

QEC’s Early Parenting Services offer programs for families with children from birth to the age of four. We know that children develop very quickly during their first three years. It’s really important that they get the best start in life then. We also know that it can be really hard for parents. They often face many challenges. Our staff are expert and come from a range of professions: nursing, social work, psychology, early parenting, child development. They work with families to ensure that the environment is welcoming and that parents and children learn at the pace they want to learn.

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Safe Sleep Space

Location: Melbourne, Vic.

Safe Sleep Space offers a better understanding of needs, communication and capacities of babies and toddlers. Safe Sleep Space provides a “step-by-step” guide to workable strategies so an emotional safe sleep space can be created. - See more at:

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Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant

Location: Mornington Peninsula

I offer individual and supportive sleep solutions for children up to 5 years old to suit any parenting style including gentle sleep training methods and would love to help you and your child achieve sleep harmony.

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Sleep Gems

Location: Melbourne,Vic.

| Sleep Gems provide a holistic approach to parenting support. We offer professional, supportive and practical advice to families experiencing difficulty managing their babies and young children in the comfort of their own homes.

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Sleep Nanny

Location: Geelong, Vic.

Hi, welcome to the SleepNanny website! I’m Margaret Farmer, Maternal and Child Health Nurse and SleepNanny. If you live in the Geelong area and you have a baby or young child with sleep problems, I would like to help you. Family life is so much better when everyone is getting the sleep they need

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Sleep Rescue

Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth.

Sleep Rescue is Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth-based consultancy service that focuses on your baby’s sleep problems and sleep routines. Sleep Rescue was established by Gabrielle Russell in 2000. Unlike most sleep schools, Sleep Rescue takes a holistic approach to your baby’s sleep problems…

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Sleep school at home

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

| I am a Pre-School Mothercraft Nurse and I have been working with families for over 20 years. After working in a Mother and Baby Unit (Sleep School) for many years, it became apparent the essential need for a service providing parents with assistance, understanding and confidence to nurture their babies within the family home. With my experience, skills and knowledge, I am able to bring ‘Sleep School’ to the comfort of your own home.

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Sleeping Babies Australia

Location: Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern suberbs Melbourne

Is your baby not sleeping? Need help? Sleeping Babies Australia can help! We will come to you. Day, evening or overnight consultations. We offer personalised in-home support, guidance and sleep solutions for parents of babies with sleeping problems.

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Location: Victoria

My name is Janelle Jeffery and I am a certified child Sleep Sense™ Consultant. I am the owner of Sleepytime Sleep Consultancy and I am passionate about giving families from all over Australia and the world the best possible gift - the gift of a good night’s sleep.

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Tweddle child and family health service

Location: Footscray, Victoria.

Seeking help for baby sleep and settling is usually the first reason parents contact Tweddle. Historically known as a Sleep School, Tweddle has evolved to offer a more gentle, holistic service including education around attachment and infant mental health. While we require a referral to care for your family, we’re happy to chat with you about our programs and even offer tours and information sessions if you are still unsure. We understand how exhaustion can impact parenting, relationships and mental health. Call us if you have any questions”

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