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Baby Sleep Tasmania

Location: Tasmania

Mandy Hose she knows

Location: Melbourne, Victoria. Skype for all locations. World wide.

| Welcome to Mandy Hose…She Knows. Mandy Hose knows all about children under five - from born-too-early prems, to ‘independent’ kinder kids. She offers sleep, settling and behaviour consultations for newborns to pre schoolers. She is also an engaging public speaker on being a mother of premature/multiple birth/special needs children.

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Location: SKYPE, Face-time or Phone.

My name is Janelle Jeffery and I am a certified child Sleep Sense™ Consultant. I am the owner of Sleepytime Sleep Consultancy and I am passionate about giving families from all over Australia and the world the best possible gift - the gift of a good night’s sleep.

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