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South Australia

Baby Sleep Consultant

Location: Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.

We are a team of trained and certified sleep consultants across the country who are here to help you get the sleep you and your baby need.

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Limestone Coast Sleep School

Location: City of Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia, 5290, Servicing The Lower South East, Limestone Coast & Western Victoria.

It’s OK to feel frustrated. It’s OK to feel defeated. It’s OK to feel helpless. It’s OK to to ask for help with your baby’s sleep. You’re advocating for their little bodies to rest | You’re looking for guidance to better support their biological need for sleep, while supplementing your own | You’re trying to figure out how to settle them easier, and get them to sleep a little bit longer | You’ve come to the right place.

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Torrens House

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.

Families are admitted to Torrens House when requiring additional assistance with unresolved feeding, settling and sleeping issues to provide more intensive support to address identified health issues.

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