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new south wales: Tamworth, NSW. Australia


Sleep Effect was established by Kate Ross following the birth of her three children Ted, Rosie and Fred. All three children exhibited very different sleeping patterns from being awake all night feeding to settling straight away. When looking for help, the most available resources were self help books or what she could find online. Kate soon discovered that not every child fits the mold.

Kate's mission is to empower parents with the confidence to settle their babies and children to obtain the sleep they need and parents strive for. Sleep is essential for rest, rejuvenation and brain growth. Without sleep children cant grow to their full potential and parents can miss wonderful moments as they become simply too exhausted.

"I have personal experience of how frustrating and exhausting it can be to have a child who wont sleep. You have heard everything from everyone with the best of intentions, however none of them are working for you. I had someone come and help me and it changed my life, my families life, established better relationships and fonder memories. The fog lifted." Kate Ross, Business Owner

Qualifications: Kate has a Bachelor of Nursing with a Masters in Midwifery. She is also certified by the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting, an approved training provider for the International institute of Complementary Therapists.

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