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Sleep Rescue

Sleep Rescue is Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth-based consultancy service that focuses on your baby's sleep problems and sleep routines.

Sleep Rescue was established by Gabrielle Russell in 2000. Unlike most sleep schools, Sleep Rescue takes a holistic approach to your baby's sleep problems.

We look at the family environment, the routine of the baby, and the solutions already tried in determining the best and simplest solution to your baby's sleep problems.

Although a baby that won't sleep is a big problem, the solution is a simple process provided it is done right. At Sleep Rescue our focus is on helping your baby to sleep at home.

Sleep Rescue is very different from a sleep school and will deliver positive outcomes. A sleep school is a centre where parents go to seek help for a baby's sleep problems, and a sleep school usually has multiple health services. Sleep Rescue is simply focused on finding the solutions to your baby's sleep problems at home.

Why do we come to your home? Because the key to helping a baby sleep is to develop a routine and the only way to do that effectively is to visit and understand your baby's sleep environment. Sleep Rescue understands that advice from a sleep school is difficult to implement in a home environment.

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