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Nurture Parenting

Nurture Parenting has experienced baby whisperers, child & family health nurses, midwives and lactation consults that can help you now.

Meet Karen Faulkner. Our reputation for helping struggling families results in many of our clients, finding out about us purely through word of mouth, from parents telling their friends – “You have to call Karen, she’s amazing!”

Karen migrated from the UK in 2002 and gathered a heap of experience, skills and qualifications working in Community Health in Melbourne and Sydney.
After gathering an army of qualifications in order to tackle any problem … no matter how hard, she has become known as, The Baby Sleep & Toddler Guru
Just some of her qualifications include:

  • Registered General Nurse (Leeds, UK)
  • Registered Midwife (Leeds, UK, 25
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (Bolton UK)
  • BSc (Hons) Community Specialist Practitioner/Health Visiting at Manchester Uni.
  • Nurse Prescriber
  • Certificate in Baby Massage
  • Triple P qualified – toddler & child behaviour
  • Diploma in Baby Yoga (Birthlight UK)

With a passion for helping families, Karen writes, blogs and shares helpful videos that have helped thousands of parents around the world.

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