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You do not need to have a spare room to have this service.

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Night Nanny Overnight Sleep Guidance

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Night Nanny

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Sleep guidance and routine development, provided by qualified and experienced Nannies and Nurses.

Support all of your child's needs throughout the night - feeds, nappies, settle, prepare & sterilise bottles, dress & prepare baby in morning

Offer support and guidance on getting your child into a sleep routine

Usually 9pm - 7am (hours may vary by mutual agreement)

Night Nannies come to your home for an initial assessment of your child's sleep routines, health and environment, working in with the requirements of your family. The Night Nanny usually then works a shift from 9pm - 7am attending to your child's needs throughout the night, resettling, feeding, changing and encouraging the establishment of a regular sleeping routine to help your family get a good nights sleep.

Night Nannies has a gentle sleep technique philosophy and does NOT follow controlled crying. We work with an individualised program deriven from Night Nannies experienced and trained Sleep Specialists. As followers of Elizabeth Pantley's no cry sleep solutions for babies and toddlers, we suggest purchasing these books as a helpful guide.

The Night Nanny can also work with the parents during the child's night time awakenings offering support and guidance to the parents.

HOURS:9pm - 7am or 10pm - 6am minimum 8 hours.

LENGTH OF CONTRACT:No contracts. There is a minimum of 2 nights consecutive in order to establish an effective sleeping routine for your child.


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