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western australia: Mandurah, Western Australia.

Motherhood Coaching Services

Every family is Unique and every child is an Individual.

Not one child comes with a manual, not all children or families are the same. A huge amount of pressure is put on women to expect to know how to be a mother. This is a learnt journey through love, support and gentle guidance.

With many women not having the support of extended family; Leonie has the desire and skillset to support these women.

Leonie is a Registered Mothercraft Nurse who partners with women to encourage and support any challenges that they may experience on their Motherhood Journey.

With specialists in Child development, Breastfeeding and artificial feeding, Nutrition, Settling, Sleep issues, Play Interactions and Mental Health;

Leonie is able to support families to achieve their desirable goals in providing outcomes in positive, practical parenting for their 0-4 year old in their own home.

Leonie is Registered with AHPRA, has a current WWCC and first aid skills.

Leonie has a Cert 1V in Training and Assessment which complements the workshops she can provide in the workplace or community setting.

Leonie is currently working towards her IBCLC certification.

Why Me?

Visiting in your home environment allows Leonie to devise a practical care plan of support that is appropriate for you and your child. It is not practical or ethical to provide such important information over the phone as everybody's circumstances are different, this could lead to further complications.

Leonie visits from Cockburn to Mandurah.

Workshops are available on all packages at $20 per participant with a minimum of 6 participants. Workshops are kept to a 1 hour time limit.

These can be offered in your home with a group of friends, in a community setting or at your workplace.

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