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Mandy Hose she knows

Who is Mandy Hose?

Mandy has a Diploma in Children's Services and fifteen years experience working with babies and young children in both childcare centres and early parenting support roles. She is now available to help families learn the skills they need to better care for their babies, young kids and their sanity.

In 2000, Mandy began working at QEC Early Parenting Centre. She helped struggling families learn sleep, settling and communication skills in the Day Stay and 5-Day Residential Program. She also undertook a Parenting Assessment and Skills Development role, which involved assessing the skills and protective capacity of parents reported to Child Protection. Mandy also worked in a successful home visiting and playgroup program for isolated new migrant mums from Afghan and Sudanese backgrounds. At QEC, Mandy honed her skills in helping families get through the tough times in a warm, supportive and judgment-free style.

In 2005, Mandy's life changed forever after giving birth to twin girls at only 31 weeks gestation. The twins spent a combined two months in both Neonatal Intensive Care and the Special Care Nursery. This unexpected early birth sent shockwaves through Mandy, her husband Darren and their extended family and friends. Mandy spent many fretful, anxious nights at home separated from her babies. When the girls were finally ready to come home, Mandy was already exhausted, traumatised and incredibly stressed.

When the twins were ten months old, one was diagnosed with Right Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. Mandy was plunged straight into a deep, unrelenting sadness and grief for her innocent baby, brain damaged through no fault of her own.

When the twins were 2 and a half years old, her other twin was eventually diagnosed with Left Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. Although her condition was far milder, Mandy became sad and anxious yet again. Despite everything, she kept on going managing two demanding toddlers and countless medical appointments, while also trying her best to maintain all her relationships.

Eventually, Mandy sought out counselling and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She continued with counselling for over two years, which she says 'saved her life'. Mandy soon felt strong enough to give birth to another baby, this time a straightforward singleton arriving full-term - healthy and strong. This sweet little bub 'mended her heart' and gave Mandy the ability to love all babies again.

After getting the twins successfully off to school... and the baby through her first two years unscathed... Mandy decided to venture back into the workforce again. After spending time working in an exclusive children's furniture and toyshop, she decided the time was right to get back into what she knew so well...but this time with her own business.

With the support of her family and friends, Mandy Hose...She Knows was born. As an Early Childhood Consultant, Mandy is available to help all families learn the skills they need to get through the tough times. Mandy in particular specialises in supporting families managing premature and multiple births as well as special -needs children. Mandy believes 'our families are never black and white, they are all shades of grey'.

Mandy brings to you an incredible wealth of personal and professional experience with baby and young children wrangling! She is a wonderful ally to have by your side through your own parenting journey. Indeed...she knows!!

Contact Mandy if you need help understanding and managing your newborn, toddler or little kids behaviour.