I searched high and low and could not find anywhere in Australia to study to become a Sleep Consultant, after many weeks of research I was lucky enough to find Dana Obleman the creator and founder of The Sleep Sense Method, she is the best in the business, her method and ethos were similar to my own and with Dana being in the business 14 years and with over 57,000 families under her belt, this showed me that this is a tried and proven method.

A rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful and eager to learn.

A common question is “Will I have to let me child cry it out?” Crying is a child’s way of protesting change and you can expect some protest to your child’s sleep habits. However, I will NEVER ask you to leave your child to cry alone or ignore their cries.

The Sleep Sense method is a very gentle way to help develop your child’s way to self-settle.

The reason the Sleep Sense Method is so effective is that it lets you develop a personal plan that you and your family feel comfortable with.